Steve Banerjee Bio

Although recent media has spread many unsavory untruths about his life and passing, Steve Banerjee was truly one of the most passionate and hardworking Indian Americans to ever make a name for himself in the world. He was an immigrant with a vision, an untamed creative, and a loving father. On top of those qualities, he was a marketing genius and, perhaps the cause of his downfall, the sole proprietor of Chippendales.

Steve’s journey started in India where he worked in the printing industry. During this time, he was employed by a well-known corporation before he took his first step into the business world and purchased a gas station in Playa del Rey, CA. This sparked his love for entrepreneurship and his visions and dreams only grew bigger. From there he bought a nightclub and single handedly created the world-renowned Chippendales show, which was registered to Easebe Enterprises, Inc. From its inception, Steve Banerjee was the only founder and owner of Chippendales.

The 70s was a time of great social change and the rise of female empowerment. Steve was at the forefront of this movement and created a judgment free space where women could express their desires. A fair counterpart to the female revue scene. The results were explosive and  money, success and accolades poured in. From that moment, Chippendales became a target for organized crime and underworld figures. Steve’s associate Nick DeNoia was unceremoniously murdered in a frame up of the Chippendale’s founder. Stuck with no way out, Steve pleaded guilty to receive a lesser sentence, maintaining his innocence. 

Despite the dark cloud that entered Steve’s life, he will always be remembered as a fun, outgoing, family man with sharp intellect and tireless work ethic. He loved American culture and enjoyed traveling and visiting places like Disneyland. He even had a budding interest in photography and always enjoyed taking pictures of his trips to better capture the memorable moments of his life.

He was known for loving blonds and was always the life of the party. In addition, he was celebrated by his loved ones for his generosity and helping others. He brought his brother Subrata over from India, helping him  establish a life in America and always provided for all his children.

Hollywood’s recent stories about Steve’s life are indeed entertaining. However, at the end of the day, they are purely works of fiction. The real story of Steve Banerjee’s life is infinitely more interesting and in the forthcoming months the estate will begin releasing various compelling media projects to bring clarity to the events surrounding Steve’s origins, the rise of Chippendale’s,  as well as his life and death. Steve’s legacy as it was meant to be will live on.